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GeoFront Capital is a leading market research and technology firm providing timely actionable global economic analysis.  Our research is comprehensive, detailed, and thoroughly reviewed.  We’ve applied this intelligence and technology to managing our portfolio of funds and the investors we partner with.

Subscribe to our market updates to find unique investment perspectives and our industry analysis on where the markets are trending.  We issue general market reviews along with periodic publication with actionable investment advice and projections.

Use us as a source for unbiased analysis on current events and trends, and how they will affect the markets.  We provide commentary on major technical and fundamental events through the lens of our market analysis.  We also periodically review literature and research we find beneficial and interesting in our own market reviews.

GeoFront Capital has applied unique market analysis combined with cutting edge technology to our investment portfolio.  We believe in complete transparency – view our past and current performance and how our funds are architected as well as monthly reports detailing our fund performance.

Let us partner with your organization to provide the analysis and insight you’re looking for.  We provide services ranging from custom research to more hands-on needs, providing the insight and delivering the intelligence you need.  Contact us and we will work with your organization to tailor a solution to fit your investment needs.

GeoFront Capital has developed a series of unique data sets focused on the tertiary economic indicators.  Our expertise in economic data unparalleled, we can help organizations with unique data needs and deliver actionable intelligence.

Market Reports

Loosing trust in SaaS, at least for startups

Late last month it was announced Facebook would be shutting down Parse.  This came as a surprise from many as there wasn’t any indication Facebook was planning to change direction for Parse.  Looking at the decision in more detail makes sense however as Facebook is moving to consolidate around its
15 Feb 2016 Continue Reading

Signs of market stabilization… for now…

2016 has started off with severe volatility in the financial markets.   The downturn in Chinese equities has led to global contagion as the Shanghai Composite had two trading days end closed 7% limit down and forced Chinese financial regulators to dispose of their circuit breaker policy.  Additionally, the S&P has
26 Jan 2016 Continue Reading

Why Boeing actually cut 747-800 production

This past week Boeing announced they would be cutting their 747-800 production down to .5 frames per month.  For many analysts this came as no surprise - the latest jumbo jet has failed to gain traction since its EIS in 2011.  Even in the cargo market where it seemed to
24 Jan 2016 Continue Reading

The shadow war for natural resources

It might seem odd that during a time where nearly all commodities have seen double-digit declines in the past year there is an underlying push for investment and consolidation of these resources.  It’s no secret OPEC has fought to drive out US shale oil producers by flooding the market with
20 Jan 2016 Continue Reading

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