Persevere and Prevail

GeoFront Capital (GFC) is an independent fund manager and financial market research organization dedicated to prudent, in-depth, market analysis. GFC provides financial analysis covering multiple markets including stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies. We provide services to traders, investors, and money managers who require comprehensive trading strategies leveraging bleeding edge technology. Our core principles have been developed around these systemic values that shape our overall investment and analytical strategies, this is the lens with which we interpret the financial markets:

Beyond quantum models

There is no use in predicting blindly where the market is headed, only value in identifying how decisions are made. We leverage both quantum models as well as fundamental market data.

Data and Intelligence

The analysis and research we conduct is valuable because it operates from a mindset of intelligence gathering. Not to forecast where the markets are headed, but instead as a tool to see where trends are developing.

Technical frameworks

Our technical analysis is effective because it analyzes price action at the point of change. Its based on a widely accepted framework for predicting future outcomes and takes into account unstructured data others miss.

Jan_Brueghel_the_Younger,_Satire_on_Tulip_Mania,_c._1640Our evidence based analysis focuses on proven methodologies which result in high probability outcomes while assessing risk from multiple angles. We don’t confine ourselves to a rigid investment ideology, instead we are agile and will leverage proven strategies based on sound empirical evidence. Moreover we embrace a wide range of bleeding edge technologies to augment our investment strategies.

As George Soros wrote in his book, The Alchemy of Finance: Reading the Mind of the Market, Soros maintains “whereas Alchemy has failed as a natural science, social science has succeeded as alchemy.” By this he infers speculators in the market influence underlying market conditions – in a sense developing their own self fulfilling prophecies. With data more accessible than ever before, this statement has become truer as well. Our technical analysis is effective because it analyzes price action at the point of change and based on a widely accepted framework, augmented by large data sets and machine learning.

The end result is high quality organic market research which distills only the most opportunistic trends. GeoFront Capital is not affiliated with any brokers, investment banks, or other financial institutions. As such, our independence grants the firm its ability to remain free and unbiased while providing well reasoned and contemplative market forecasts.