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GeoFront Market Report Week of February 21th 2016

Report Highlights:

● Failure of startup SaaS companies, US CPI, and Japan GDP
● OPEC nations Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela announced a freeze in output
pegged at January levels, Iran objects
● Oil contango index rises as oil inventories remain high, oil price to remain volatile
and range bound
● Gold is still likely to test round number resistance in the 1300 area.
● US dollar correction, possibly JPY buy


GeoFront Market Report Week of February 14th 2016

Report Highlights:

● Tesla continues to struggle with cash and expenses, expect further decline for 2016
● Yield drop rattles markets, putting increasing pressure on Japan
● Oil bottoms at $26, heading higher near term with significant fundamental
downward pressure
● Dollar has reversed or will should reverse shortly (same for EURUSD)
● Equities carve out intra‐week bottom. Heading higher short term
● Oil Contango showing declines this past week, will be a critical indicator as supply
continues to swell


GeoFront Market Report Week of January 31st 2016

Report Highlights:

  • Company earnings, Boeing and Amazon struggle
  • Results of Fed Open Market Committee, Tim Cook cites “extreme conditions unlike anything we’ve seen before just about everywhere we look.”
  • Equities rise late in the week paring January losses, expecting pullback coming into first week of February
  • BOJ unexpected rate decision into negative territory
  • Rebound in oil prices, bearish for the short term
  • Continued gold strength
  • GFC indicator analysis, slight decrease for oil contango levels