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Geopolitical market update

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the market action over the last two months has been the persistent resilience of the stock market as it has largely recovered from the fearful expectations that were present in late August.  If you remember, the morning of August 24th saw the Dow Jones
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Fed’s rate decision impact

This past week saw increased volatility as the Federal Reserve predictively decided to maintain interest rates at zero percent.  It was the 55th consecutive time that the Federal Open Market Committee met and agreed that the cost of money lent to banks should be free.   This unprecedented period of easy
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Tesla’s numbers don’t add up

A recent post in the Wall Street Journal highlighted some of the shortcomings of Tesla Motors, the darling tech startup which has continued to gain traction as its stock soars sky-high.  However, as this article and others point out, there are some deep concerns investors should be aware of in
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Trend Reversal in Oil

This past week GFC published an article describing the possibility of a significant bottom in the oil market.  As it turns out, market observers didn’t have to wait long for the bullish price activity to commence.  From it’s low of $37.73, oil rallied 20% and closed the week at 45.27
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Update on Oil’s Decline

The Chinese economic slow-down is sending huge shock-waves throughout the investment landscape.  Commodities in general have been crushed as fears over decreased demand from China breathed new life into the downward trajectory of commodity prices.  The price of oil has been declining since August 28th, 2013, when it made a
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Global economic update

The month of July saw a marked increase in volatility in financial markets as the growing specter of deflation continues to looms large over the global economy.  The month started off with yet another new debt rescue deal which essentially placed another Band-Aid on the sucking chest wound that is
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The global interest rate lift-off has begun!

GFC has been monitoring the price action in global bond markets closely over the past few months, and the recent price action appears to be portending a dramatic rise in interest rates that should gain momentum in the second half of this year.  As many other prominent economists have pointed
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Market forecast update

In this update GFC would like to go back and remind our readers of some forecasts made over a month ago in GFC’s April 2nd article “Positioning for (Intermediate-Term) Dollar Weakness” and provide an update to how some of those forecasts have panned out.   Market dynamics are always fluctuating and
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Rally like its 1999

Despite a rocky start to the year, the NASDAQ and other indices are still trading at or near all-time highs.  Recently, GDP and other data suggest the economy is still struggling however, and despite the apparent recovery the Federal Reserve continues to keep interest rates historically low.  The rationale for
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A sovereign debt crisis Is brewing

The western financial system appears to be destined for a financial crisis of epic proportions.  The governments of Europe, Japan, and the United States have become flooded with debt, and these debts levels continue to rise to more unmanageable levels every single day.   The United States has incurred over $18
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