The next level of technology leveraged finance

GeoFront has pioneered the development of tertiary financial data. We've taking this expertise and developed a series of Funds designed to not only leverage this data and experience, but pair it with complex machine learning technology.

Fund Performance

GeoFront Capital

Applied Market Cadence

The technology leveraged powering this fund has been developed over the past 4 years combining complex machine learning algorithms with vast complex data aggregation infrastructure. By analyzing dynamic fundamental data and technical price data, GeoFront is able to identify opportunistic trends with high probability outcomes.

GeoFront Capital

Distributed Fixed Income

Utilizing P2P lending platforms combined with proprietary complex machine learning algorithms, GeoFront has developed a high performance fixed income strategy. This fund has provided equity level returns while minimizing volatility inherent with a fixed income asset class.

GeoFront Capital

Technical Calibration Enterprise

The Technical Calibration Enterprise Fund is governed by widely adhered to principles of technical analysis which have been established through supply and demand methodologies, pattern recognition research, and historical price action analytics. The fund employs a disciplined, discretionary, trading approach with the goal of minimizing the undesirable influence behavioral bias and emotion can have on investment decision making.