Giving you insights never thought possible

GeoFront Capital has developed a series of proprietary indices to track and trend unique technical measures. These cover a wide range of data sets giving you insight into areas of the market previously not visible. Below are a list of publicly available indices with daily data. Contact GFC for a comprehensive list of indicators offered, including more comprehensive data offerings for the below indices. GFC offers a wide variety of data feeds and sets to meet the needs of any investor or organization.


Crude Contango Index

This index measures the number of total tankers from the largest tanker operators currently in a state that indicates possible use as oil contango. This data is provided as a daily chart.

GFC-Dry Cargo

Dry Cargo Index

The GFC Dry Cargo index analyzes data on container ships, using these data a total number of TEUs currently being transported is calculated. This gives critical insight into the dry cargo shipping industry, providing investors a unique perspective on the volume of cargo being transported real time.


FedEx Cargo Utilization

This index trends aircraft utilization by FedEx, calculating the average duration of flight over a 14 day period. Data is categorized by aircraft type and averaged over the entire FedEx fleet.